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Carbon Tax

Senator Dennis Patterson

Aviation fuel spared carbon tax

Senator says carbon pricing deadline is unrealistic

Senator Dennis Patterson

Nunavut Senator Dennis Patterson says the territory does not have the time to have a new carbon pricing regime in place by 2018, as the federal government has dictated it must.

In a speech to the Iqaluit Chamber of Commerce on June 29, Patterson said that he remains concerned about the fact that no one in the territory knows exactly what a carbon tax is going to look like.

Senator Dennis Patterson

So what do Senators really do in the summer?

Senator Dennis Patterson

Nunavut doesn’t have time to develop a “carbon pricing regime” by 2018 when the fuel emission tax comes into force in Canada.

That’s what Nunavut Senator Dennis Patterson told a June 29 breakfast gathering organized by the Iqaluit Chamber of Commerce.

Carbon pricing, as it is currently planned, would place a surcharge of $10 per tonne on carbon-based fuels, mostly diesel, sold in Canada, starting in 2018. This surcharge would increase to $50 per tonne by 2022.

“It’s a mechanism meant to alter behaviour of consumers by making it cheaper to use alternative sources of energy rather than dirty and polluting fossil fuels,” said Patterson.