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National Aboriginal History Month

Senator Dennis Patterson

Representing a territory whose population is 85% Inuit, I am very supportive of any initiative that seeks to introduce and educate Canadians on the history and important contribution of Canada’s Indigenous peoples.

Inuit, for example, have been living and thriving in the North for millennia.  Their traditional diets are the original 100 mile diets and their use of the entire animal is a lesson in sustainable living.

I believe that all Canadians should take time to learn about the lessons that Indigenous peoples have to offer.

Senator Dennis Patterson

Ottawa – An inspiring group of young Indigenous leaders will contribute their perspectives to a study of the Aboriginal Peoples Committee on June 7, 2017, as part of the “Youth Indigenize the Senate” initiative.

On this day, the committee will open the doors of the Senate to engage youth in their study on how to forge a new relationship between Canada and First Nations, Métis and Inuit peoples…

Senator Dennis Patterson

To mark Aboriginal History Month in the 150th year of Confederation, the Aboriginal Peoples Committee is inviting the future of Canada to the Senate.

Indigenous and non-Indigenous youth will “Indigenize the Senate” on June 7, taking over the Senate foyer and Chamber and the Aboriginal Peoples Committee Room for a day of learning and collaboration…