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Press Release – AG Report

Press Release on the Recent Auditor General Report – Senators’ Expenses

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE – The Auditor General recently released his report on Senators’ Expenses covering the period from April, 2011 to March, 2013. 


After fully cooperating in this long and involved process, Senator Patterson feels that it has been an essential step as the Senate moves toward improved efficiency, accountability, and transparency.


Certain errors found were made in good faith and were fully repaid, or are in the process of being repaid, upon discovery.


However, the senator will be exercising his right to independent arbitration with regard to the error relating to certain legal bills.


“I sought the professional advice of Senate Administration – including the Clerk of the Senate and the Director of Finance – on how to proceed to cover the amount that would be over-budget.  It is highly unfortunate that I was never informed, until it was too late, of the existence of Senate Legal Assistance and Indemnification Policy,” Senator Patterson said in a statement posted in response to the AG’s findings earlier today.


“I look forward to presenting this case to the Arbitrator, and I am confident of a resolution that will demonstrate that I acted in good faith and that under the circumstances, this expense was completely legitimate.”